[ Comments on SK ]

William Blanchard wrote: Hey Steven... glad to see that you have your own personal site out here... this has much more personality to it than mp3.com pages do. Nice work!!!
SK wrote: Feel free to post your comments about my music here. Thanks!
Kiki wrote: Hi Steven! Since I heard your music on mp3.com I'm a big fan of your music. Nice to see that you have your own site. Hope that more good music will follow....
clone wrote: nice site!
Garret Strife wrote: love your Bard's Farewell track!!! sounds so medieval!
Mark S. Greer wrote: Love nice piano. Thats why Im here.
HeDa wrote: Hello... very nice Piano.. I love the piano. :) very relaxing and inspiring music. I love it. HeDa http://heda.iuma.com
Livio Tornabene wrote: Your rendition of some of the Ultima themes poignant. They bring back memories of my simplier and serene youth that was full of imaginative journeys and adventures. I would love to see more of the classic Ultima songs reorchistrated by you! Especially the Ultima 4 - Castle theme.
Ryan wrote: truely amazing music. i love medeival type music and i love it Keep up the great work sk!
Wintersrose wrote: You have such a gift! I choose music that takes me away from my daily cares and allows me to relax and just enjoy. I haven't heard any of your mp3s that I haven't enjoyed very much. Your music is special and will remain among my favotites always.
Pedro Martinez wrote: Check out the Reflections songs. I think SK did a great job with those especially on "Signs of Winter". Also check out "Mirkwood Fires", it is a great hit. Great job SK and please make more!
Eyeballflyball wrote: Great site, great music. Is good
Leah wrote: I, by accident found your music...glad I did! The Piano has always pulled on my heart. My favorite of yours is; Fertile Lands!!! Captures my heart completely! Keep up your imagination in the sound of your music!